Sunday, May 20, 2018

$2.99 you need to spend...

A couple of days ago I saw there was a book on Kindle that looked like it might be interesting...

This one in fact.

At $2.99 it was something of a no-brainer so I downloaded a copy to my Kindle and read it in a couple of hours.

It's an easy enjoyable read and contains a lot of information that flies in the face of what a lot of people say. Stuff, as it happens, that actually needs to be said.

Whether you want to flip boats or not is unimportant as the real meat of the issue is simply how to approach boat work and get the boat up-and-sailing in a timely, affordable, and seaworthy manner.

In short a whole lotta good advice for just under $3.

That said, surveyors and boat brokers will really hate the book. Of course, from where I sit that's just the cherry on top.

Do I really have to say more?

1 comment:

  1. Bought it. Read it. Wasn't that impressed. It was full of attitude, but pretty short on details.

    But "short on details" seems to be a recurring theme with this guy. From shipwrecked on Vancouver ( to an "overnight" sail in the Gulf ( seems as if he'd have some better stories to tell.