Sunday, February 21, 2016

$10K and a couple of plane tickets...

I'd like to visit Alaska by boat...

I've been to Alaska a few times to do climbs but my only experience with boats in Alaska involved ferries and a too brief day in a big skiff trying to pull the lips off salmon.

I mention this because yesterday I came across a rather nice sounding CAL 27 for sale in my old stomping grounds of Washington State that whispered to me with...

"Would it not be cool to take me up to Alaska and hang out for a season?"

The CAL 27-2 is a great boat and right at the top of the VolksCruisers I would not mind spending time on in interesting places.

So many boats/places so little time...


  1. If you come this way do please visit! Taking Autarkia up the coast to Alaska is on our bucket list too.

  2. C'mon up! The water is FINE!!

    Dave Z