Monday, January 25, 2016

a book you need to get...

I bought "Tiny Floating Homes" by Chris Troutner and read it over the weekend.

It's good.

You should read it.

Need I really say more?


  1. It's on my kindle now.

    First project of my own is to insulate the vberth of the Centaur. The previous owner had a brave effort with panels of loft insulation wrapped in vinyl and hardboard and screwed to the fibreglass. This not only made the already small vberth much smaller but gave it (some would say apt) appearance of a padded cell, but seemed to provide the ideal environment for turning condensation into mould.

    I'm toying with either camping mat material or cork as a replacement, and painting over...

    Do you have any experience or thoughts?

  2. too bad in kindle only... sorry.. avoid that..

    On a side note, in re Volkcruising mindset and the people who epitomize the exact opposite... .thought you might get a laugh (or a disgusted snort) out of this...