Thursday, April 16, 2015

dollars and cents...

Have you ever noticed the difference in reaction you get when you talk about how little you spend on boat stuff rather than how much? I don't know about you but the obsession with money as a measure of utility, value, or quality really gets up my nose...

On the other side of the coin, I find the cheap is better thought process just as irksome because there are a lot of crap derelicts-waiting-to-happen boats floating about. So, just because you find a dirt cheap boat does not make it a VolksCruiser or mean you should buy it.

A VolksCruiser is not simply about being cheap it's about being seaworthy, simple, affordable, and sustainable. Trust me there's a big difference.

A couple of days back someone wrote to point out a great deal (less than $2K) on an Ericson 27 and it appeared to be in very good shape... The appeal of the boat was not that it was cheap but because the boat was a good design in great shape and cheap.

The Ericson 27 which ranges normally between $5K to $13K is a well built little boat which is very much a VolksCruiser as it stands. But, it is a VolkCruiser because it is a good affordable boat that will do the job and not just because it's cheap.

That said, getting a good boat for less is no bad thing either...

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