Thursday, March 19, 2015

My VolksCruiser want list...

Such as it is.

What I want...
  • A boat that's seaworthy
  • Shoal draft (1 meter or less) That will dry more or less upright
  • Affordable to build or buy
  • Affordable to cruise and maintain on a tight budget
  • Simple user servicable redundant systems
  • Outboard motor
  • Integrated wind vane self-steering
  • A comfortable double bed at least 7' long 
  • One good sea berth
  • Sufficient accessible stowage for needful tools/materials & parts
  • A comfortable place for two to read/lounge/play music
  • Small but efficient galley
  • A head I can shower in without making a mess
  • Dedicated accessible stowage for a reasonable quiver of guitars
  • Sensible stowage for two real bikes
  • Stowage for six months of provisions
  • Space on deck for a good rowing dinghy
and, yeah...
  • Standing headroom (6'6") would be nice where needful
Next we'll look at that list a little closer to see what's missing or doesn't pass the need test...

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