Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On why you don't have to pay $150K for a 34-foot sailboat...

Every once in awhile I check out what CAL 34s are going for...

One reason I do it is I like to see what others have done to their CALs and I like knowing what the current going rate of CAL 34s happens to be.

For those who might be curious, there are quite a few Cal 34s in seemingly OK to good condition in the $8-10K zone, a handful of straightforward fixer uppers in the $3-5K bracket, and a few pretty awesome examples of Lapworth's genius for around $15-27K.

An $8000 CAL 34 from Craigslist
I expect you'll find the same sort of pricing with most models of US-built, classic plastic of the same ilk from the late sixties and early seventies.

You know what?

This makes me happy because just about anyone can get a decent seaworthy boat and from where I sit that's a good thing.